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Pence Enterprises in Raytown, Missouri has several services that we offer to help you in your memorial needs. Learn More about what we can do below!

Personal Memorials

Pence Enterprises has plenty of experienced staff that can help you pick out and design the perfect monument for your loved ones. We are available in the greater Kansas City area and are ready to serve you!

Memorial with an older man's hand resting on it.

Sign that says Veteran Memorials.

Civic Memorials

We are also capable of doing more than just regular monuments. We also provide services creating civic memorials such as benches, veterans, town signs, and more.

Cemetery Lettering

Pence Enterprises also offers cemetery lettering services. This is where we go back and add on the necessary dates after the stone has been bought and made. This is done with our mobile air compressors so we can easily travel to where the stones are set!

Gravestone with name in center with praying hands and roses on top two corners.

Multiple monuments lined up with one slightly leaning.

Resetting / Repair

Have you noticed a monuments starting to tilt or show damage? Don't worry! Contact us at Pence Enterprises and we can help. Over time things like this will happen and we are happy to assist.

Cleaning and Restoration

Pence Enterprises offers cleaning and restoration for monuments as well. They are in harsh weather conditions and do need to be cleaned and restored. We provide quality service to bring the monument back to it's original state.

Gravestone with flowers on top

Multiple monuments lined up with one slightly leaning.

Brick Engraving

We also offer brick engraving. If you are needing a brick for a memorial, we can provide the service to memorialize it for you. When you meet with us, we'll discuss your options and what we offer.


Pence Enterprises offers vases as well. Visit us to browse our selection of what we offer.

Gravestone with flowers on top